Easter, My Running Program and C25K


I recently started running outside again after months of, well, not running outside. So it has mostly been taking walks outside, doing stuff with Wii Fit Plus which is even harder to get going than to prepare for a run outside. Put the batteries in for Balance Board, place it in front of the TV, turn on the TV, select AV1 channel, select Wii Fit in the Wii menu if the CD is already in (otherwise replace the current CD and put it in its case) and then skip half a dozen screens before exercising. The good thing is that in Wii Fit Plus, unlike original Wii Fit, there’s the option to put several exercises in a Custom Routine. This way you can do several (in my case 30 to 60 minutes of exercises) yoga and muscle exercises and go through them in a batch, skipping the rather unnecessary score screens and skipping the part you need to fetch the Wii Fit Remote and select the next exercise and click through the screens to get it started. A good feature indeed.

Anyway, back to running. I ran twice during Easter (last week) and also yesterday, after about half a year. This was mostly because the weather was pretty awesome during Easter considering it is Sweden (we sun bathed a couple of hours each day and got a tan, though I got most of the tan). And the other reason is that I got new running shoes from Adidas which felt a lot better than the random shoes I had for running before.

So I ran for about 30 minutes yesterday and around one-third of this time I was walking. And at the end I was just jogging really slowly. This was somewhat worse than my runs last week since the air was a lot colder this time, which made me want to run faster right off the bat and it really sapped my stamina. So I decided to check where I fall in the C25K program, which I checked earlier. It basically stands for “couch to 5k” and aims to do this in 9 weeks. I decided that I was laying somewhere between week 3 and 4, much to my disappointment, so I believe week 3 might be a good place to start if I were to start adhering to the C25K plan which might be pretty fun since if I were to run to, around and back from the closest lake it would be roughly 4 kilometers. Lakes are awesome.