Some More Running and There Goes 4km


As you can make out from the title, I ran some more today, particularly because it was a warm and sunny day, just like the last few days. I already ran a few times since I last wrote about running, however today I had a special goal in mind: to run/jog as slowly as I can so that I could go around the lake without slowing down to a walk, which would have been around 4.5 km. Instead, after meeting with the mosquitoes that I met during the last walk around the lake again, I decided to change my course and took the beach route back home instead, only walking to cross some streets, which amounted to around a little over 4 km combined.

But let’s face it, it’s hard to just preemptively go out and start running and actually run a few kilometers without complaining, even with the promise of your favorite candy when you arrive home. So here’s a list of the stuff you’ll need when you want to run on a warm sunny day like this:

  1. Running shoes: Might be the most important, be sure to get a running shoe that fits your feet well. Your feet might be over or underpronated. Wrong shoes will make you want to stop running. I’ve had no such issues after getting a nice pair of Adidas shoes.
  2. Running route: Decide on a good running route with nice scenery to keep you occupied. Don’t start running with the decision to return when you’ll feel tired, otherwise you won’t even break a sweat. Parks and beach routes are good bets. You can also use some websites such as MapMyRun to save your favorite running routes and keep track of your activities (instead of blogging about them)
  3. Music: You might want to bring along a music player with you. Just make sure you got deep pockets or a good way to clasp it to your clothes. Take care when crossing streets, if there are any on your running route. Make sure your music matches your planned running tempo (i.e. no Rammstein for a slow jog under the sun, Louis XIV is more suitable)
  4. Running t-shirt: For those that want to show off their hard-earned sweat, have a generic light-colored t-shirt with summer related text on it.

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