My New WordPress Blog, As Exported from Blogger


I have written on Blogger for a few weeks now, and although my posts weren’t so often, it was lots of fun. So then why am I here on WordPress? Did Blogger have insufficient templates or widgets or did “blogspot” looked bad in the address bar? Or did managing even my small blog get unnecessarily complicated? Probably not and maybe.

However after my Followers widget in Blogger stopped working and not showing, it was only a matter of time before I checked out other options for blogging. Even though Google Engineering was working hard on the widget problem (which seems to have affected many blogs and which I started having after trying out the Disconnect extension for Chrome) I decided to go ahead and find a good theme for this blog.

It was hard to find a template that looked different enough for me to use until I had the idea to have a really custom header. After I went through loads of templates, I decided to have the Twenty Ten template for the moment. Then I went through my pictures and uploaded a nice lake shot that I took and cropped it. So I’m happy with how the page looks, at least for now.

Then it was the business of importing all the posts and comments. It was almost too easy, except having to remove all images for now since they mostly had wrong sizes. I also made use of the Proofread Writing feature in WordPress and I saw that I use way too many complicated expressions and passive form, which the feature somewhat urges you to correct (No, I don’t want to change “nearly empty” with “empty”. But sure, I’ll write “almost empty”). I changed most detected sentences with more human friendly versions.

So here it is as is stands. Since I’ve established some categories for posts, I’ll try to write some of each in the following days, since some are almost empty at the moment. And I might also add all the images again, however they weren’t very crucial so I might pass that.

All the readers from my old blog, be sure to subscribe here instead :)

Also, I’ve set up Bloglovin’: Follow my blog with bloglovin


2 thoughts on “My New WordPress Blog, As Exported from Blogger

  1. Welcome to WordPress!
    I really hope you enjoy writing here, I recommend you to use Windows Live Writer to blog either here or on Blogger, it’s amazing ^_^
    And by the way, you could always save your Blogger blog and just keep it running :)

    1. Thanks! :)
      Replying late since Windows restarted when I was typing and it went ahead to format and reinstall itself :P
      I did like it better here actually, has much better look and feel^^ Hmm indeed, I could need something to write with, I tried to write some code yesterday but it looked terrible, could try what you said and some other programs for that ^^
      Too late for my other blog though, didn’t want to keep the old posts, thought it would be too much hassle to check Blogger dashboard all the time ^^ So I removed the links as much as I can from Google Webmaster Tools.

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