Best 33 Songs I Rediscovered in my Old Music Collection


I rediscovered my old music archive when I was backing up my files to my external drive preparing my laptop for a format. So I went through all the music and decided to make a list of some of the better songs that I haven’t been listening to for a long time. I included music from a lot of genres so chances are you will like some of the songs, but also it is less likely that you will like all of the songs.

  1. 311 – Amber
  2. Al Di Meola – Rio Ancho
  3. Black Box Recorder – England Made Me
  4. Blackmore’s Night – Breton Dance
  5. Dark Tranquillity – Lethe
  6. David Gilmour – On an Island
  7. Demons & Wizards – Fiddler on the Green
  8. Dominic Miller – Lullaby to an Anxious Child
  9. Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Goldwrap
  10. Empyrium – Die Schwäne Im Schilf
  11. Entwine – Closer
  12. Goran Bregovic – Bubamara
  13. Katatonia – Day
  14. Lacrimosa – Alleine Zu Zweit
  15. Let It Flow – Dirge
  16. Lily Allen – Oh My God
  17. Lisa Ekdahl – Benen I Kors
  18. Melissa Ferrick – Drive
  19. Melody Gardot – Quiet Fire
  20. Mike Oldfield – Introduction
  21. Mr. Bungle – Pink Cigarette
  22. Neil Young – My My, Hey Hey
  23. Nightwish – Lappi
  24. Nirvana – Oh Me
  25. Ozzie Fudd – Kill The Wabbit
  26. Paris Combo – Living Room
  27. Ralph Towner – Jamaica Stopover
  28. The Dø – On My Shoulders
  29. Therion – Clavicula Nox
  30. UFO – Belladonna
  31. United Future Organization – Spy’s Spice
  32. Yes – Mood for a Day
  33. Yngwie Malmsteen – Evil Eye

Hope you found some songs to your liking. I will be formatting my laptop pretty soon so I’ll probably be installing lots of programs today and tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Best 33 Songs I Rediscovered in my Old Music Collection

  1. I love rediscovering music. It always brings back a rush of nostalgia, and it’s awesome realizing how much your taste in music has changed, or expanded.

    Your Katatonia pick was awesome. I haven’t listened to Brave Murder Day in its entirety in a long, long while.

  2. “it is less likely that you will like all of the songs.”

    That’s so true! There is not a single person – not even my wife – who likes every song I post in my “Song of the Day”. If I come up with one a week that brings forth a good memory, or introduces someone to an artist they’ve never heard and like, then I figure I’m doing well.

    33 songs, none of which I’ve heard, is a lot to work through. But I’m trying. Although the Katatonia song is good, it really doesn’t move me personally. I love the Lisa Ekdahl, though.

    1. Indeed, it’s not very often that everyone likes a particular song, especially enough to listen to it more than once. Lots of factors go into liking any song, the genre, the lyrics or if you can associate it with an event in your life. You could for example not like a genre but the lyrics of a song from that genre could compel you, pretty common for me. I’m glad you liked the song from Lisa Ekdahl, I pretty much listened to all her songs.
      Maybe I should edit the post and put Youtube links for the songs in order to make the list easier to go through, like I did in a newer post. It takes some time but it could save time for others.
      edit: Added Youtube links to songs.

      1. Actually, on your recommendation I just downloaded GrooveWalrus. That will make it easier to just load them all at once and just let it go. Save it as a playlist and then will be able to pick up where I left off if I have to leave.

        1. That’s a good idea :) GrooveWalrus really has many features, I believe you’re referring to the List Sifter? I just did the same thing, works like a charm except for the 28th song
          edit: Problem with 28th song fixed.

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