Signing Up For Technorati And Revising Categories


I decided to sign up for Technorati and to claim this site as mine, I needed to include a token in my feed. So I added the token text to this post and then updated it to remove it. So that was that.

I’ve also been working on my categories and tags; I changed the categories I had slightly and I made it so that every post had only one category since I think this will simplify site navigation. Each category has a description now too that is visible when you hover on the top menu and in the category’s page. Another thing is that I’ve added a menu under the header that shows the categories. Neat.

A thing that’s missing is tags. I thought I had too many tags and it was getting pretty unmanageable to keep track of each. So I decided to think about it a little and have only categories until then and see what happens.


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