GrooveWalrus Features My Posts


This is pretty fun, the friendly walrus people on GrooveWalrus’ website featured the review I wrote today about exporting Spotify playlists to GrooveWalrus and another review I wrote earlier about GrooveWalrus’ features in general on their website. Here’s what they wrote:

Around The Web

Submitted by groovewal on Sun, 07/03/2011 – 16:59

Another exceptionally intelligent GrooveWalrus user wrote couple of nice articles introducing you to GrooveWalrus. The first offers a general introduction to GrooveWalrus, the second details GrooveWalrus’ mysterious ‘list sifting’ capabilities. Check them out:

I can only hope that they weren’t being sarcastic.

Also, as a bonus, I’ve uploaded the current revision of my Spotify-exported GrooveWalrus playlist to Google Docs as I did before with a playlist around 150 songs. This time however it’s a playlist of over 2000 hand-picked songs. Awesome. Assuming you have similar music taste.


New Blog Name, com Domain and a New Header


I’ve been searching for a new blog name for a while now, almost since I exported my blog to WordPress from Blogger. It used to have the name “Slithzerai’s Place” which is more generic and common than you can imagine. I wanted to find a blog name that primarily has the following properties:

  1. Shortness: Less than 10 letters or around 2 words.
  2. Pronouncability: It should be easy to pronounce the name of the website. This in turn helps:
  3. Memorizability: I thought about continuing to use my nickname as a website and domain name but I imagine it is hardly memorizable for people seeing it once or twice (Slithzerai).
  4. Describability: A name that can explain what this website is all about.
  5. Domain: The .com domain of the name should be free.

So, summing it up, I needed a name that is short, pronounceable, memorizable and describable. Which means the name will have a small ratio of number of letters to describability as possible, without sacrificing the other points. I have used the following domain name search tools in order to find a name:

  1. Wordoid: Great tool for searching a domain name, generates readable domain names that optionally contain a word or two of your choice. It also lets you know if the domain is already taken or not (with occasional mistakes)
  2. Domize: Another good tool for searching a domain name, however it makes you do all the imagining.
  3. I have also used other domain name search tools such as Nameboy, however none of them were as useful as the first one. That being said, I came up with the current name myself.

After days of thinking about a new name (and seeing that each short cool domain I though of were already registered) I came up with the current name of the website. “Code” since I’m a software engineer and “elk” since there are some elks here in Sweden that you see sometimes (though usually only their tracks). After some thinking I got the corresponding domain, minus one letter, since I think it looks a lot cooler.

For the final touch, I made a simple new header using Pixlr in which I tried to describe what the name means graphically. Any recommendations are welcome.

Signing Up For Technorati And Revising Categories


I decided to sign up for Technorati and to claim this site as mine, I needed to include a token in my feed. So I added the token text to this post and then updated it to remove it. So that was that.

I’ve also been working on my categories and tags; I changed the categories I had slightly and I made it so that every post had only one category since I think this will simplify site navigation. Each category has a description now too that is visible when you hover on the top menu and in the category’s page. Another thing is that I’ve added a menu under the header that shows the categories. Neat.

A thing that’s missing is tags. I thought I had too many tags and it was getting pretty unmanageable to keep track of each. So I decided to think about it a little and have only categories until then and see what happens.

My New WordPress Blog, As Exported from Blogger


I have written on Blogger for a few weeks now, and although my posts weren’t so often, it was lots of fun. So then why am I here on WordPress? Did Blogger have insufficient templates or widgets or did “blogspot” looked bad in the address bar? Or did managing even my small blog get unnecessarily complicated? Probably not and maybe.

However after my Followers widget in Blogger stopped working and not showing, it was only a matter of time before I checked out other options for blogging. Even though Google Engineering was working hard on the widget problem (which seems to have affected many blogs and which I started having after trying out the Disconnect extension for Chrome) I decided to go ahead and find a good theme for this blog.

It was hard to find a template that looked different enough for me to use until I had the idea to have a really custom header. After I went through loads of templates, I decided to have the Twenty Ten template for the moment. Then I went through my pictures and uploaded a nice lake shot that I took and cropped it. So I’m happy with how the page looks, at least for now.

Then it was the business of importing all the posts and comments. It was almost too easy, except having to remove all images for now since they mostly had wrong sizes. I also made use of the Proofread Writing feature in WordPress and I saw that I use way too many complicated expressions and passive form, which the feature somewhat urges you to correct (No, I don’t want to change “nearly empty” with “empty”. But sure, I’ll write “almost empty”). I changed most detected sentences with more human friendly versions.

So here it is as is stands. Since I’ve established some categories for posts, I’ll try to write some of each in the following days, since some are almost empty at the moment. And I might also add all the images again, however they weren’t very crucial so I might pass that.

All the readers from my old blog, be sure to subscribe here instead :)

Also, I’ve set up Bloglovin’: Follow my blog with bloglovin

Some More Running and There Goes 4km


As you can make out from the title, I ran some more today, particularly because it was a warm and sunny day, just like the last few days. I already ran a few times since I last wrote about running, however today I had a special goal in mind: to run/jog as slowly as I can so that I could go around the lake without slowing down to a walk, which would have been around 4.5 km. Instead, after meeting with the mosquitoes that I met during the last walk around the lake again, I decided to change my course and took the beach route back home instead, only walking to cross some streets, which amounted to around a little over 4 km combined.

But let’s face it, it’s hard to just preemptively go out and start running and actually run a few kilometers without complaining, even with the promise of your favorite candy when you arrive home. So here’s a list of the stuff you’ll need when you want to run on a warm sunny day like this:

  1. Running shoes: Might be the most important, be sure to get a running shoe that fits your feet well. Your feet might be over or underpronated. Wrong shoes will make you want to stop running. I’ve had no such issues after getting a nice pair of Adidas shoes.
  2. Running route: Decide on a good running route with nice scenery to keep you occupied. Don’t start running with the decision to return when you’ll feel tired, otherwise you won’t even break a sweat. Parks and beach routes are good bets. You can also use some websites such as MapMyRun to save your favorite running routes and keep track of your activities (instead of blogging about them)
  3. Music: You might want to bring along a music player with you. Just make sure you got deep pockets or a good way to clasp it to your clothes. Take care when crossing streets, if there are any on your running route. Make sure your music matches your planned running tempo (i.e. no Rammstein for a slow jog under the sun, Louis XIV is more suitable)
  4. Running t-shirt: For those that want to show off their hard-earned sweat, have a generic light-colored t-shirt with summer related text on it.

Easter, My Running Program and C25K


I recently started running outside again after months of, well, not running outside. So it has mostly been taking walks outside, doing stuff with Wii Fit Plus which is even harder to get going than to prepare for a run outside. Put the batteries in for Balance Board, place it in front of the TV, turn on the TV, select AV1 channel, select Wii Fit in the Wii menu if the CD is already in (otherwise replace the current CD and put it in its case) and then skip half a dozen screens before exercising. The good thing is that in Wii Fit Plus, unlike original Wii Fit, there’s the option to put several exercises in a Custom Routine. This way you can do several (in my case 30 to 60 minutes of exercises) yoga and muscle exercises and go through them in a batch, skipping the rather unnecessary score screens and skipping the part you need to fetch the Wii Fit Remote and select the next exercise and click through the screens to get it started. A good feature indeed.

Anyway, back to running. I ran twice during Easter (last week) and also yesterday, after about half a year. This was mostly because the weather was pretty awesome during Easter considering it is Sweden (we sun bathed a couple of hours each day and got a tan, though I got most of the tan). And the other reason is that I got new running shoes from Adidas which felt a lot better than the random shoes I had for running before.

So I ran for about 30 minutes yesterday and around one-third of this time I was walking. And at the end I was just jogging really slowly. This was somewhat worse than my runs last week since the air was a lot colder this time, which made me want to run faster right off the bat and it really sapped my stamina. So I decided to check where I fall in the C25K program, which I checked earlier. It basically stands for “couch to 5k” and aims to do this in 9 weeks. I decided that I was laying somewhere between week 3 and 4, much to my disappointment, so I believe week 3 might be a good place to start if I were to start adhering to the C25K plan which might be pretty fun since if I were to run to, around and back from the closest lake it would be roughly 4 kilometers. Lakes are awesome.