Fizy: Streaming Music Website with a Simple Design


Fizy, with the tagline “easy way to find songs and music videos” is a powerful and simple browser-based music search engine with many awards. Having much in common with Grooveshark and other similar streaming music services, it also has some shortcomings which might not annoy you so much depending on your habits. It is currently displayed in Intel AppUp and it is available in 30 different languages. So here is a short review and comparison of Fizy with other similar services.

First off, the positive points:

  1. It is simple: It has such a simple design that it looks like it was designed for mobile browsing. This minimalistic approach is a safe refuge from some lots-of-images-and ads-on-your-face websites (cough, Grooveshark, cough). It is also ad-free with no pop ups.
  2. It is lightning fast: Fizy can pull music from 50 different APIs (including Grooveshark and YouTube) which gives it access to over 75 billion mp3’s almost instantaneously which really separates it from tons of other similar services. Additionally, it consumes a lot less resources at the browser level, thanks to its simple design.
  3. It is easy to use: All the stuff you’ll ever need is there in one page. You don’t even have to refresh the page for actions like registration or integration takes mere seconds. Fizy also makes it fairly easy to create playlists, you only need to find a good quality version of the song you’ve just searched. Sharing your playlists is also almost effortless.
  4. integration: For people who love scrobbling like myself, this point is a necessity in any streaming or non-streaming music player. Fortunately, Fizy has been scrobbling each track for me. People who are yet unaware of might want to consider getting acquainted with it for the wonderful music discovery tool it is.
  5. It is accessible: You don’t need to be registered or logged in to play any song or playlist as long as you have the link to the playlist. This makes it easy for you to access to your music while using any computer without logging in. The link for the playlists aren’t gibberish either, and very easy to remember, such as, slithzerai being the username and default being the name of the playlist.

And now, the negative points:

  1. No keyboard shortcuts: Throughout my experimentation with Fizy, I couldn’t come across any keyboard shortcuts. This is the case with most browser-based streaming music players and can be solved if a desktop extension for Fizy were to be developed.
  2. No artist/album/track information: Not being able to even simply view the albums of an artist makes it somewhat hard to use Fizy to discover new music. Also there are no tags associated with tracks or artists. Fortunately you can use or even Spotify for this purpose.

Even with these shortcomings, Fizy is an online jukebox that was made to be simple and easy to use. So if these are the things you are looking for in a streaming music player, Fizy might be a good choice for you. And it looks good too! The only thing you’ll be pondering on is which artists or tracks to search for. So just remember to use another service to discover new music.